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This house is over 200 years old, Post and beam construction, the roof planking and mortise and tendon joints were rotted. The exis ing sheathing and beam were cut back and re-mortised. Replaced with old barn boards, tar paper and shingles. This roof will last another 200 years. Click on image to enlarge
This project is refinishing a walk out basement
Before and after
This was an addition where a porch used to be
This modest house was updated with a new modern look
Old post and beam farmhouse rotten floor, siding, walls, windows, eave and sill all replaced.
This kitchen and living room were opened right up when the cieling was removed and the trusses were exposed. Which added an airy feel to the rooms. Sky lights and windows were added to the newly renovated room to let more light in and enhanced the open concept feeling
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